OashRaj Gold Facial Mask- a personal care product ,made of 100 per cent natural ingredients, and toxin-free with aloe vera , neem, rosewater , curcumin, sandalwood and turmeric oil as its basic ingredients.
A ultimate complexion polisher that cleanses, smoothes and moisturizes to reveal naturally glowing skin. Made with 12 precious and rare ingredients to help smooth fine lines, illuminate skin colour and promote cell growth.
It is a classical formula to lighten complexion as well as soften and repair skin. Its antioxidant action repairs pigmentation, uneven skin tone and marks. It is a highly regarded bridal beauty treatment due to its healing, repairing and brightening properties.


  •  Brightens and de-pigments skin 
  • Refines skin tone and texture
  •  Turmeric powder may be used to brighten skin tone, but it’s main ingredient, curcumin, works to suppress excess melanin production caused by sunlight. This is another reason why women with darker skin love it.
  • Women of all skin types—from oily to dry—can benefit from turmeric’s 300 antioxidant and it’s antibacterial properties.
  • If you have dry skin, redness, wrinkles, or dark circles under your eyes, the turmeric mask can be quite helpful.
  •  It helps to even out the texture in your face,soothes skin,improves skin. elasticity,softens skin and brightens skin.

Take ice cubes wrapped in a muslin cloth and apply over face after applying this gold paste for best results.

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