‘ Morning is the important time of  day , because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.’
There is something about the morning, especially when it is not light as yet, but we know that soon the dark will be over and light will be upon us. So everyone should choose to wake up at least an hour before sunrise.
In Sanskrit, the daily routine is called as DINACHARYA . ‘Din’ means ‘day’ and ‘acharya’ means ‘to follow’ or ‘close to’. So, DINACHARYA is an ideal daily schedule taking into account the nature’s cycle. In Ayurveda, the focus is levied on the early hours of the day as it is instrumental in setting the tone of your day.

Greeting The Sun With A Mantra

Like say “THANK YOU ” and then ” GAYATRI MANTRA”  or surya namaskar and with day by day every morning your mind begins its habit and that is keen way to come awake to breaking down and all it’s ‘ breathtaking magnificence ‘.


The Ideal Time To Arise

One should wake up about one and a half hour before the sun rise so that you can synchronize with the rhythm of sun, around 4:30 to 5:00 AM. This is the time when there is maximum Sattva, or vibration of purity and perfection, in the universe.
(Some exceptions to this rule of rising so early are the very young, the very old, parents with small children who may require more sleep.) 
This time is considered best for attaining bhram gyan (meditation and self analysis), supreme knowledge and eternal happiness. At this time, the environment is pure and calm and soothing and the mind is fresh after sleep.Traditionally, the mantras are either the Surya Namaskar Mantras to greet the Sun or the famous Gayatri Mantra. Consciously thought in any language can also work like Mantras.
*Upon awakening* , You all should watch your breath, become aware of softly rising and falling chest . Your spine would reminds you that You are here, thanks for paying attention and slowly and steadily, in this pause between complete inertia of sleep –( TAMAS ), and total activation of the awakened state due to the energized vibration called ( RAJAS ) you should prepare yourself to come awake with poise and mastery of the moment, through embracing the vibration of spiritual ascendency – (SATTVA);
Then firstly , rub the palm and when they become warm then put them on you eyes and take 3 long breaths i.e. All in and way out . In this way we gave our eyes a golden gift of radiance and then slowly move your hands down on your face first then on chest and abdomen, and even lower over your knees and thighs, legs and ankles and toes and keep your hands on earth squarely on her surface, and again take three long breaths, in and out and utter the mantra to pay homage to Mother Earth .


Ayurveda recommends a beautiful flow of rituals that make the morning a great time to take care of ourselves and lavish our being with attention and self love.
Clean up — once you have woken, open the windows and head into the bathroom to splash your face with cold water. Warm won’t be the same . And give yourself a decent splash and let the shock really shake out any leftover sleep .
Enjoy the sunrise – if you can get your sleep cycle in sync with nature, or even if you are using an alarm, try to spend few minutes appreciating the sunrise-if not the first glimmer of light then the glow of the sky as the sun rises above the horizon.
A glass of warm water with lemon 
Make this your first drink of the day . This will help kick-start and cleanse your digestive system.
Now it’s TIME for Yoga ana Meditation 
You may only be able to manage a few postures ,but whatever you do will help.
First relax then do pranayama  until the breath flows evenly through both nostrils. Do meditation simultaneously. My preference if the house is quiet is to just do a few yoga asanas and use the silent time for meditation .
Take a short ,slow walk in the fresh morning air . Surround yourself with fresh and fragrant flowers with subtle colours. 

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